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January 1, 2014.

As we say goodbye to the events of yesterday as we wait with overflowing anticipation as we count down the seconds of the approaching tomorrow. As the countdown reach zero we celebrate with drink, food, and be marry as we welcome the dawn of a new year. To "start over" with a fresh blank slate, with limitless potential for practically anything. Places, people, ideas, events, creations, either good or bad, we accept it all just for that single moment of pure excitement onto what the future may hold and as we stand waiting we also make vows. Vows to better ourselves so we can start off on the right foot. A promise of improving ourselves for the vast road ahead. With excitement in our hearts we greet the new year with open arms and shout out in unison.

"Happy New Year."

Then come morning the first thing that hits your brain like a train is either a vicious hangover from having too many drinks last nights or your body protesting for more sleep since you just stayed up last night out in either the cold outside/a bar/your friend's house/your house/etc, or any combination of the two. Cause regardless of all the warm fuzzies the new year may bring it doesn't change the fact that time waits for no man. All the fireworks and partying will not make all your problems disappear. A cruel fact of life to be sure, but  it is what it is. So strap in and grab yourself a helmet kids it's going to be a bumpy ride for 2014.

Okay, in all serious though. Happy 2014 to you all and I pray that good fortune favor you all in the coming year. 

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:icondisgaeadragoon:… *pokes you on the shoulder* Dude, we got seriously bad Company...Code Meat...
Seems so, initiating escape plan alpha.

CandleJack: Not today friend; it's my day off. *vanishes*
*the duo approach*
DD: Beta time...:iconalarmedplz: LOOK! REIMU AT THE BUFFET! *points behind them*
Yukari and Yuyuko: !? *turns around*
Yukari: Gah, it's a tri- *turns back but the two are long gone further ahead* My my, they're fast.
Yuyuko: aww, does that mean no buffet?
Yukari: Oh well, if they want to play, that's fine too. After all, we'll win once again, right Yuyuko?
Yuyuko: And maybe find a buffet somewhere, too!
Yukari: Wrong Train Yuyuko...^^;
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AxlO1 Dec 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Happy birthday my friend ^^
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